Level Up your Quality


I am Finn. I call myself “Product Quality Specialist” and I work at ThoughtWorks. While working with different clients I collect my thoughts around Quality in blog posts, conference talks and podcasts about various journeys in Software Development.

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Many people talk about a “shift left” in the testing community. It means that we should test software earlier. I think that this is only part of the story: we do not only need to test earlier in the software development process: we also have to apply other methods than Test to ensure the fast and robust delivery of an overall high quality product. Hence I want to write about those aproaches and methods and tools.

And as there are many ways to build what we consider a “good” product – most certainly, there is not the one way – there are many perspectives, too. This blog tells stories about some of the perspectives and approaches. It is about capabilities and people rather than roles and names. I want to share things that I have learned (maybe the hard way). I think we can level up: not only should we improve the skills we have. I think it’s time to learn new ones.

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